Don’t Invite the Wrong Kind of Winter Visitors!

 How to Animal Proof your Home:

Roof vents are constructed of light weight aluminum or plastic  they are not an obstacle to an animal seeking a home.

Chimneys need to be screened properly or they make great living quarters for squirrels, raccoons and birds.

Plumbing vent pipes if left unprotected invite animals seeking den sites inside your home.

Stove & Bathroom Exhaust Vents if unsecured make an ideal nesting site for birds and squirrels.

Roof – Soffit Intersection if unsecured can be easily manipulated by an animal from the outside in order to establish a den site inside the attic space.

Bees are looking for good hive sites and can make you a honey of a home! Wildlife control can safely remove them to a new home.

If you already have an animal living in your attic please contact a wilderness animal control service professional for a permanent humane solution to your wildlife problem such as Please call if I can be of further assistance. Joanne Jester 281-844-4229.

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