Brand New home; Brand New School

Brand New home; Brand New School

Whether your child is in Elementary School or High School moving to a new school can be scary and intimidating for your child. There are several ways to help your little one adjust to the transition as best they can.

The excitement of moving into your new home over the summer has began to wind down and the reality of your child attending a new school, with new teachers, new classmates, new campus can be a bit overwhelming for your child.

  • If you can, take your child to school the first day so they will not have to deal with the jitters of being on a school bus with brand new EVERYONE! If your child is younger you could even walk them into school and get them to their first class. As far as the older ones go, you may want to check with them before you park and try to walk them into their school. They may not appreciate this as much as your little ones would!
  • Visit the school with your child. This seems like common sense but it is very important to take your child to the school before school actually starts. And I’m not talking about just orientation. Make it a time when you and your child can take some time out to really get to know the campus and you can speak to him/her at a more one-to-one basis.
  • Get your child prepared for the first day of school. The night before the first day, be sure to prepare lunches, prepare back packs with all the supplies needed, make sure to get them to bed early. Children need plenty of sleep in order to be awake a refreshed for the full day ahead. In the morning time be sure to wake up early enough for a healthy breakfast. You could even make the breakfast special by either taking them somewhere quick in the morning or by making them their favorite breakfast meal.
  • Write a little note and leave it in their lunch box (if they take one.) It may embarrass them a little but I can guarantee a smile when it is read. You may write something funny, or a little I love you note.

Back to school is often exciting to some children but can be very frightening to those who have just moved and are attending a brand new school with NEW everything. It may take a few weeks to get use to but your child will adjust if you make sure to communicate and be proactive. School jitters can easily be helped with a few easy fixes.

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