Buyer Tips

Buyer Tips

1307372128-64Buying a home is a big investment and there are many things to consider as you search for houses and look for a property that matches your needs and finances.



•Does the home’s layout fit my family’s needs? Are there enough rooms, storage, closet space and privacy?

•Is the home in good condition? Does it seem the walls and ceilings are properly insulated. Is there adequate ventilation in the attic?

•What is the age of  home heating and cooling system? Take a look at all the interior walls; watch out for cracks in the walls, termite damage and any other deterioration that looks like it needs to be investigated.

•Is there water damage? Be sure to look for water stains and make sure gutters are properly aligned and cleaned.

•How close is the property to shopping centers and needs that fit your family? Take a drive around the neighborhood and check out all the local spots, ie. shopping centers, childcare facilities, parks, etc.

•What is the age of the roof? Will your insurance company insure?

•What is the age of the hot water heater? Be sure to have the inspector check it out.

•Finally,  if you decide to make an offer on the home, be sure to take time to think about the costs you may expect to remodel or repair the home. With a new home this may not be of an issue however with a resale home you might find yourself making upgrades and changes to the home.