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Don’t Invite the Wrong Kind of Winter Visitors!

 How to Animal Proof your Home:

Roof vents are constructed of light weight aluminum or plastic  they are not an obstacle to an animal seeking a home.

Chimneys need to be screened properly or they make great living quarters for squirrels, raccoons and birds.

Plumbing vent pipes if left unprotected invite animals seeking den sites inside your home.

Stove & Bathroom Exhaust Vents if unsecured make an ideal nesting site for birds and squirrels.

Roof – Soffit Intersection if unsecured can be easily manipulated by an animal from the outside in order to establish a den site inside the attic space.

Bees are looking for good hive sites and can make you a honey of a home! Wildlife control can safely remove them to a new home.

If you already have an animal living in your attic please contact a wilderness animal control service professional for a permanent humane solution to your wildlife problem such as www.wildernessaimalcontrol.com. Please call if I can be of further assistance. Joanne Jester 281-844-4229.

Tips on How to Get Your Home Ready for an Open House. League City, TX

Tips on How to Get Your Home Ready for an Open House. League City, TX


So your home is now listed and your agent wants to hold an open house. What should you do to help make your home open house ready? Here are a few tips to make your home one that buyers and agents will remember.




1.Box up things such as family photos, children’s drawings, family mementos and books. Remember buyers want to picture themselves in your home.
2.Make sure to thoroughly clean. Clean carpets, clean windows, dust; even tackle that dusty fan you have been eying for months.
3.Make sure to repair any visible damages such as holes in the wall, chips in the paint, replace old light bulbs, complete the paint job in that one room that you never got to because you couldn’t reach!
4.Clear any trash floating around on the sidewalk, patio or driveway.
5.Make the front entrance inviting. Purchase a new welcome mat. If you can freshly paint the front door. Remove dead plants from the flower bed or from pots on the patio.

Completing these few task and tips will leave a better impression of your home in the minds of buyers. Make the home so neat and clean that you may even think about buying it AGAIN!

For more information about ways to prepare your home for an open house, give me a call!

Ways to Save on Home Cooling Bills, League City, TX

Ways to Save on Home Cooling Bills

With the temperature breaking records and now end in sight, cooling bills are on the rise. Cooling your home this summer has been a tough one but there are a few things you can do to try to decrease your bill. Many of these steps will also help insulate your home for the winter.


•Increase the amount of attic insulation so that the heat that’s in the attic has less opportunity to get into the house.
•Verify that you have the proper amount of attic ventilation, which is the best way to cool your attic. You should have about 1 square foot of vent area for every 300 square feet of attic space, roughly split between high and low, or with a little bit more on the low side. Add more vents if needed.
•Plant trees that will shade the roof of the house, especially on the hot sides of the house.
•Install insulated window coverings or solar shades, and keep them down during the hottest parts of the day to decrease heat gain.
•Install exterior awnings or pergolas that are slanted to block summer sunlight over windows that get the most heat gain, especially west-facing windows.
•Whenever possible, run appliances at night, such as dishwashers and clothes dryers.
•Consider installing a whole-house fan to take advantage of cool outside air, and take the load off your air conditioner.
•Replace older, single-pane windows and skylights, especially those with metal frames, with energy-efficient vinyl- or wood-frame insulated glass windows.

Information provided by: DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS

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