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The 5 Top Reasons To Buy a Home as Confidence Grows in Houston’s Housing Market According to Metrostudy

  1. 12,000 Jobs have been created in Houston in the past 12 months, bringing more buyers into the market, for resale homes.

  2. Houston’s unemployment rate dropped to 7.6% and employment grew by 3.3%.

  3. At the end of 2011, the Houston new home market held fewer than 10,000 homes in inventory, for the first time since 1997, which should cause prices to increase in 2012.

  4. 4,892 new homes were sold in the 4th quarter of 2011, which are 388 more homes than in the 4th quarter  of 2010.

  5. Houston homebuilders started 18,417 new homes in 2011 with, 4,387 homes started in the 4th quarter of 2011, which represents a 24% increase from the previous year’s tax credit-depressed quarterly count.

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Houston Texas Medical Center Booming with Jobs

The economy may be rough in other parts of the US but Houston, Tx is boomimg!     

Methodist Hospital System has JOBS!

Job Creation

A state agency reported in October 2011, that Houston area employers created 79,500 jobs over the past year in the oil and gas industry, manufacturing and health care. Houston is growing at an annual rate of 2.6% and October 2011 represents a large increase.

Business leaders are using the word “HOT” in describing the local economy. They are getting anxious about filling job openings.

Having To Recruit From the Outside

The Methodist Medical System has about 500 job openings per month. They are for physicians, nurses, licensed therapists and other clinical positions.

Oil and Gas Companies have acreage tied up on leases, to start drilling. They want to get moving on staffing but there are not enough accountants, engineers and geologists in the area to fill these jobs.

Jobless Rate

The jobless rate in Houston dropped to 8.1% in October 2011 from 8.6% in September 2011 and is not seasonally adjusted.

The Texas statewide unemployment rate was 8.4% in October 2011, down from 8.5% in September 2011.

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Discover Why Houston,TX is a Great Place to Call Home!

Discover Why Houston,TX is a Great Place to Call Home!

Houston Housing
Houston is the sixth largest metropolitan region in the country. Houston is also one of the best bargains when it comes to housing. You defiantly get more bang for your buck in Houston!
Houston’s housing costs are more than 21% lower than the national average and 38% lower than the average of the 27 metro areas with more than 2 million residents – according to the Third Quarter 2010 ACCRA Cost of Living Survey
•Low housing costs and a low cost of living are the main reasons Houston’s overall living costs are 9% below the nationwide average for places of all sizes and 19% below the large-metro average.

Houston is home to more than a dozen community colleges and 17 colleges and Universities. So getting an education doesn’t require a move across the country!
Based on student performance indicators, the state of Texas has rated 57% of HISD schools as either Exemplary or Recognized.

Cost of Living in Houston
Your dollar has a larger buying power in Houston than in other metropolitan areas.
• In the context of the 27 participating metropolitan areas with more than 2 million residents, Houston’s cost-of-living advantage is even more pronounced. Houston’s housing costs are 38% below the average for the large metro areas, and its overall costs are 19% below the average for this group.

Employment Opportunities
Houston is a growing city and with that comes job expansion and growth. Whether you are relocating, looking to start a new career, looking for temporary work, etc. you will be sure to find it in Houston. Houston has a dynamic work climate and jobs in many fields available.

You are never too far from a hospital in the Houston area.
• The Houston MSA in January 2010 had 13,087 physicians and 120hospitals (110 general and special, 10 psychiatric) with 20,216 beds.
• Harris County Hospital District provides more than 1 million health care visits each year to uninsured, underinsured and medically needy residents of Harris County. The hospital district operates Ben Taub General Hospital, Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital, Quentin Mease Community Hospital, 13 community health centers, a dental center, a children’s center, a dialysis center, nine school-based clinics, 13 homeless shelter clinics and five mobile health units.

Sports and Recreation
Houston is home to 5 major sporting teams and many college level teams. If attending a Friday night game is your type of entertainment there are plenty to choose from in Houston.
Enjoying time with the family is very easy in Houston. With the numerous museums, parks and recreation area, you will always find something to do.
•Houston Parks and Recreation Department manages the City’s 350 developed municipal parks and more than 200 open spaces, which together encompass approximately 38,959 acres.

Why not make Houston your home!
Call me today and I can help make Houston your home!