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acc1Alvin is located in Brazoria County and as of 2000 the population was 21,413. In recent years the population has grown heavily. Nola Ryan, Baseball Hall of Famer, lived in Alvin until 2003. Alvin Community College holds the Nolan Ryan Foundation and Exhibit Center. The museum covers the entire life and sports career of Nolan Ryan, and includes a machine that lets the visitor feel what it is like to catch one of Nolan Ryan’s pitches.

The Alvin area was settled in the mid-19th century when bull ranches were established in the area. The Santa Fe Railroad eventually expanded into the area and a settlement was established along the railroad. Alvin was originally named Morgan by the town’s residents in honor of the settlement’s original resident, Santa Fe employee Alvin Morgan. But upon discovery the name Morgan had been taken, the town named itself after Morgan’s first name. The town was officially incorporated in 1893, making it the oldest incorporated settlement in Brazoria County.

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