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HumbleHumble was named after P.S. Humble who brought his family into the area in World War II. They operated a ferry along the San Jacinto River. A large flood drove his family away from the river in search for higher ground; that higher ground is now known as Humble, TX.

The Houston Intercontinental Airport was a major local growth catalyst for Humble. The resultant growth started a transformation of the City of Humble and the surrounding rural homestead areas. Kingwood, Forest Cove, Northshire, Atascocita, Eagle Springs, Summerwood, The Commons of Lake Houston just to name a few.

Deerbrook mallAlong with the rapidly increasing growth of population came the need for more stores and services. Much of the retail growth occurred in Humble, but substantial commercial development also occurred in Kingwood and Atascocita. Opening in the mid-1980’s, the one million square-foot Deerbrook Mall became the area’s major commercial center.