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PearlandThe area that is now Pearland had its humble beginnings on the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway in 1882. The community was originally named Mark Belt. On September 24, 1894, the plat of “Pear Land” was filed with the Brazoria County courthouse by Witold von Zychlinski. Many of the residents of Pearland harvested their own fruits.  Zychlinski saw the pear trees and decided that “Pearland” would be the perfect name for this up and coming area.

Back in the 1800’s, Pearland only consisted of a prairie.  Residents harvested fruit and vegetables such as cantaloupes, corn, figs, pears, and watermelons. As time went on Pearland opened many dance halls that entertained people from Hastings and Manvel Oil Fields.

From the years 2000-2010 Pearland’s population pearlandmschoolhas increased by almost three times. Within the Pearland school system, a total of 62 languages are spoken creating an ethnically diverse area. There are 31 K-12 schools in Pearland, TX. Those including 25 public schools and 6 private schools. Pearland public schools belong to two districts, Alvin ISD District and Pearland ISD District.  There are 24 Pearland elementary schools, 8 Pearland middle schools, 6 Pearland high schools and 36 Pearland preschool schools.

Present day, Pearland is an up and coming community located just outside the skirts of Houston, TX. With the “Big City” just 18 miles away, Pearland is the perfect spot for families near and far. The city is home to many Master Planned Communities, such as Shadow Creek Ranch and Silverlake.



Neighborhoods in Pearland

shadow-creek-ranch-signShadow Creek Ranch is in close proximity to all of Houston’s business, sports and entertainment venues. Shadow Creek Ranch lies firmly in the heart of everywhere you want to be. But what’s more, the scenic vistas of glistening lakes, the town square, parks, pools, and miles of hike and bike trails. Shadow Creek Ranch is the perfect place to call home!





Silverlake  is only14 miles south of the Houston Business District and 16Silverlake miles from the Galleria area, making it a great place to call home. With its 1,800 acres, Silverlake is home of peaceful parks and a 29- acre manmade lake which is in the center of the subdivision.The neighborhood offers recreational amenities along with a natural setting.