Moving Tips!

Get Moving!
Proven Tips that will make your move easier.

If you manage your move efficiently you can make the transition into your new home much easier for you and your family. Here are some proven tips – recommended by experienced residential specialists – that will help you GET MOVING!

Get Ready!
The “Before You Move” Checklist:

Choose your moving company at the earliest possible date. Be sure all your needs and requirements are clear, you understand the company’s policies and you are on hand during the loading and unloading process.
Make plans for traveling to your new home and all necessary arrangements (i.e. car service or plane tickets) are ordered.
Take inventory of each room. It helps to do one room per day and to involve the entire family.
Sort and clean all possessions. Set aside items that you will not use again for a garage sale, favorite charities or the garbage collector.
Gather all carpets, drapes and clothes that need to be dry cleaned and store them until you’re ready to pack.
If you have children, involve them throughout the move. Take time to tell them what is happening and why and make them a part of the planning and packing process.
Are you a Pack Rat?
Packing tips that work.

Mark the contents on the outside of each box and indicate in which room it should go. Always boldly indicate FRAGILE on boxes that contain breakable and/or valuable items.
Pack all breakables and liquids separately. Seal all medicines and oilier containers to prevent leaking and place in leak proof bags or containers.
Fill drawers with light items: shirts, under- wear, blankets, pillowcases etc…
Transport any plants personally. If necessary, contact a local florist for guidance about preparing and packing your plants.
Make special care when transporting your pets. Make sure they are kept in a well ventilated cage, away from drafts or extreme temperatures.
Anything that will be difficult to replace should be transported with you on moving day (jewelry, cameras, documents, etc.)
Don’t Forget!
It’s easy to let little details slip by unnoticed.

Contact your bank to transfer the contents of your safe deposit box.
Call cable and utility companies to disconnect your services and install service in your new home.
Visit your local post office to arrange for postal forwarding of your mail.
Notify your friends and relatives that you have a new address and phone number.
Obtain copies of all medical and dental records, school transcripts and birth certificates.
It’s Moving Day!
Check to make sure you’re prepared.

Make sure the movers know which items to load last and which items not to load.
When you arrive at your new house, check the utilities and do as much cleaning as you can before moving furniture inside.
After the movers have finished unloading you will be asked to sign an inventory list. Note any apparent damage before you sign and indicate in writing that you have not finished inspecting your possessions.
Plan something special for the whole family to do together at the end of the day.

When you put a little effort into managing your move you will get a lot back in return. A residential specialist can help ease the stress of moving.
Information courtesy of Residential Sales Council